St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church has an interesting history.

  • 1868: St. Luke the Evangelist was organized in Roselle, NJ
  • 1886: Grace Episcopal Church was incorporated
  • 1887: Grace Episcopal Church moved its physical location to what is now the center of Linden, NJ
  • 1904: St. Luke the Evangelist moved to a new location on East 4th Avenue in Roselle, NJ
  • 1967: Grace Episcopal Church merged with St. Andrew's missionary at its current location
  • 2000: Grace Episcopal Church and St. Luke's Episcopal Church entered into a shared clergy agreement
    • Father Terence Blackburn provided services at both churches every Sunday
  • 2008: Grace Episcopal Church and St. Luke's Episcopal Church officially merged at the Grace Church location and became St. John the Baptist Church


Our Mission

We at the Church of St. John the Baptist are committed to inviting, supporting, and welcoming all people as full members of our church family and worship life, particularly our brothers and sisters who have experienced exclusion because of their sexual orientation or identity and are seeking a safe and affirming spiritual home.


Our physical plant

We are handicap accessible and air conditioned.


OUR CHurch Family