The answers to our Diocesan documents are as follows:

  • Our congregation's mission is:
    • We, at the church of St. John the Baptist, are committed to inviting, supporting, and welcoming all people as full members of our church family and worship life. Particularly our brothers and sisters who have experienced exclusion because of their sexual orientation or identify and are seeking a safe and affirming spiritual home. 
  • Our community will:
    • Expand our involvement in Linden's Interfaith Council ministry.
    • Partner with other local Episcopal churches in shared ministry.
    • Increase membership
    • Continue to faster our multicultural acceptance.
    • Continue to be an Oasis church.
  • A brief history and biography of your congregation.
    • St. John the Baptist Church was established in 2008 when the congregations of Grace Church of Linden and St. Luke
      the Evangelist of Roselle merged to build a new community together. In uniting, both churches brought together their
      long histories, each with roots dating back to the 1800's.
    • Grace Church was first organizing in 1870, operating without resident clergy or permanent place of worship, surviving
      on a ministry of clergy from surrounding towns until 1872 when a church building was erected with Diocesan aid in
      Linden. Following World War II, the Diocese purchased land in the new Sunnyfield section of town (now called
      Sunnyside), on which they would construct a chapel for the newly formed Mission of St. Andrew's in 1954. In 1967
      under the guidance of the Bishop, Grace Church and St. Andrew's merged under the roof of the newer chapel,
      resulting in the new Grace Church. The congregation has since built a parish hall and rectory, and the grounds are
      now the home of St. John the Baptist.
    • St. Luke the Evangelist was established in 1868 and quickly became an Episcopal stronghold for the Union County
      area; playing a significant part in establishing Trinity Church of Cranford and St. Luke's of Union. In 1882, Thomas
      Edison built his first village electric plant in Roselle and St. Luke's became the second church in America to be
      illuminated by incandescent light. Over its following 120 years, the parish erected a new church, parish hall, rectory
      and educational wing to support its growing congregation.
    • In 2000, St. Luke's and Grace Church entered a shared clergy relationship, with Father Terence Blackburn providing
      services for each church every Sunday. Over the next 8 years the congregations grew closer; sharing special services
      including Christmas Eve, working together on church fundraisers, and enjoying joint fellowship events. The
      congregations merged in 2008 due to logistical necessity and recommendation of the Diocese. In an effort to begin a
      new journey together the congregation was renamed St. John the Baptist, inspired by the large stained glass window
      bearing his image in the rear of the now shared sanctuary. St. John the Baptist is now in its 8th year holding Eucharist
      every Sunday at 10am with lively music and a loving atmosphere for its parishioners and newcomers alike. The
      congregation proudly serves Linden and the surrounding community, with regular donations to the local food pantry,
      underprivileged children, and low income families.
  • What are your congregation's goals for the future?
    • Continue our outreach programs.
    • Endeavor to connect with people whose schedules may not allow them to attend church regularly.
  • What are your congregation's top five programs? What do you consider the most successful programs that
    you'd like to see maintained and grown?
    • Program 1 : Outreach
      Program 2 : Choir
      Program 3 : Christian Education
      Program 4 : Shared Ministry
      Program 5 : Re-establishment of Church clubs
  • How would you describe your congregation's style of worship? What are the values and tone present in most
    services? What are you most committed to retaining in these services moving forward?
    • Rite II of the Book of Common Prayer is usually used, but recently our parish has been introduced to varying forms of
      worship and the congregation has enthusiastically embraced this experience.
    • There is a joy and warmth among the parishioners during the service. The congregation recognizes that St. John the
      Baptist is blessed with a talented choir and there is a jubilant and a reverence to our music.
    • We are enjoying the various choices we have been experiencing in worship and music.
  • What immediate and further-reaching challenges stand before your congregation?
    • Increasing the membership of our parish, hopefully by attracting more families.
    • Maintaining our physical plant.
    • Continuing our outreach ministry.
  • What housing arrangements are available for candidates for this call?
    • The new rector will be provided a two story colonial style home built in the mid-80s. The house has four bedrooms, 2½ baths, a family room, two car garage and a large yard.
    • Please find photographs of the rectory here. All walls will be repainted to the new rector's preferences.
  • Financial information for the last available completed fiscal year.
    • Total Income : $202,138
    • Clergy and Personnel Expenses : $126,481
    • Operations Expenses : $9,730
    • Outreach Expenses : $20,051
    • Building Expenses : $21,516
    • Other Expenses : $9,605
    • Total Expenses (sum of the preceding five lines) : $187,383
    • Excess Income (the above line subtracted from the first line in this question) : $14,744
  • Financial information for the current fiscal year, as budgeted.
    • Total Income : $202,529
    • Clergy and Personnel Expenses : $126,477
    • Operations Expenses : $10,400
    • Outreach Expenses : $20,000
    • Building Expenses : $24,370
    • Other Expenses : $25,500
    • Total Expenses (sum of the preceding five lines) : $206,747
    • Excess Income (the above line subtracted from the first line in this question) : ($4218)
  • Please provide any helpful narrative information about the last completed fiscal year.
    • Our income remained relatively constant this year. The actual expenses for 2015 came in lower than originally
      budgeted due to the change over from our existing full time rector to our interim rector (contracted at 3/4 time).
  • Please provide any helpful narrative information for the current fiscal year.
    • At this time our financial situation is aided greatly by a mortgage held on the St. Luke's property. The revenue
      producing payments offset the cost of holding the mortgage. We hope to be more financially independent by the time
      the mortgage is paid in full.